This game is still in development!


Arrow Keys: Run left and right
C: Jump
V: Run faster

Controls can be changed in game.

new in version 0.6

- fixed: problem with inactive enemies popping out of nowhere
- fixed: dark block at beginning level 2
- fixed: run out of the map at level 3
- fixed: the game works also on safari and firefox
- fixed: invisible player bug after damage
- added: save icon when game is saved
- added: intro level
- added: over world map

new in version 0.5
- fixed bug on spike boss
- add english texts
- recode the key input, jump lags should be gone
- added game pad support (must be configured in options)
- whole new main menu
- save states (your state may be deleted with the next new version!)-
- new obstacle Deadly Spikes
- new enemy Exploding Statue
- added translator to credits

new in version 0.4
- implemented fading shader, will allow darken and ligthen up the screen
- added game intro
- added new several events (waiting, fade to black, fade to normal, ...)
- extended the textbox for easier using (TextBox will cut long text into pieces)
- added several sound effects
- fixed bug of two enemies intersecting
- some events will only be fired if the player is not mid-air
- made the hitbox of the archer enemy lower in height -> easier to kill
- if you hold jump just before you stomp on an enemy you will jump higher
- added saw blade obstacle
- hopefully fixed invisible bug on events wihle player is blinking
- added new levels
- added End Boss
- added outro


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Ich kann mich mit einem tasten klick selbst umbringen ich habe sprinten auf das enter von meinem Nummernblock die taste Enter gelegt und wenn ich das drücke sterbe ich immer.

Mach weiterlg Tobias

Geiles Spiel aber mir fehlt das speedrun xD

Das kommt noch^^ Aber erst wenn die Inhalte des Spiels fertig sind. Oder würde das bereits vorher schon sinnvoll sein?

Aber kannst du den Speedrun "öffentlich machen"

Super Spiel

das Spiel startet nicht :(

Geht im Moment nur auf Chrome, die nächste Version wird auch auf anderen Browsern laufen, (Hoffe ich)

Mit Gamepad macht das Spiel echt Spaß!

great retro style and great tribute to gameboy.